Approach to Learning & Development

 Approach to Learning


A multi-method approach will be applied for learning and development at the Academy. Learning provision will take the form of courses, seminars and workshops. Other approaches include the coordination of developmental assignment, mentoring and coaching support, international exchanges and tours, placements in the private sector, other spheres of government and tertiary institutions. Learning programmes offered by the Academy will be developed in-house and/ or in partnership with academic and professional institutions. Learning programmes will take the form of qualifications or short courses. Short courses are credit and non-credit bearing.

Credit bearing short courses will be developed along the requirements of an appropriate unit standard. Emphasis will be placed on the practical nature of the learning with course content made up of 30% theory and 70% practical. Programmes will have a pre-assessment, work based assignments and post-assessments.Non-credit bearing short courses will be developed along stringent quality standards and will be outcomes based. To ensure that the learning programmes address the distinctive needs of the KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Administration, subject matter experts from within the Administration will participate in the development of learning material.

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