Purpose,Goals & Objectives

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The purpose of the Provincial HRD Council is to mobilize the input and resources of stakeholders in ensuring that the province offers maximum opportunities for the development of its people in a manner that is

(a) responsive to their needs, context and circumstances;

(b) consistent with the development priorities of the province, and

(c) in line with the diverse and dynamic needs of the economy.

The goals of the Council are to:

  1. Promote and manage coordination and integration of stakeholders and agencies in the sector
  2. Promote, advance and monitor the implementation of the Provincial HRD Strategy
  3. Encourage and facilitate planning in line with a common set of development objectives to be attained in HRD
  4. Mobilize and leverage resources in implementing provincial priorities for HRD
  5. Develop, promote, advance and implement a research and information management agenda that will contribute to efficiency, effectiveness and responsiveness in HRD
  6. Monitor and evaluate progress in implementing HRD priorities, and provide assistance in relieving bottlenecks that constrain progress in implementation
  7. Serve an advisory role in making recommendations to government and to relevant authority including the KZN Planning Commission
  8. Ensure that strategic priorities for HRD are aligned with national and provincial priorities within HRD and across relevant sectors as appropriate
  9. Promote and advance a sectoral focus for HRD in order to ensure that the unique needs of all sectors are well served.
  10. Promote and advance partnerships and delivery networks in meeting the education and training requirements of the province.


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