Leadership & Management Development

Sub Directorate Leadership Management and Development 1

The Leadership and Management Development Sub-Directorate within the Directorate : Training and Development is responsible for the Provision of Leadership and Management Development Programmes and Interventions for Managers within the Provincial Administration.

- Provide advise and support on Leadership and Management Development
- Facilitate and Co-ordinate the provision of Leadership and Management Development Programmes and Interventions
- Develop and Manage an intergrated competency based learning pathway for management development
- Facilitate and co-ordinate the provision of training through internal and external provision.
- The Unit ensures that Managers are capacitated using the following modes of Training Delivery :
- Utilising Associate Trainers who are contracted to the Provincial Training Academy
- Partnering with the National School of Government, Department of Planning, Monitoring and Administration and National Treasury
- Partnering with Service Providers
- Partnering with Institutions of Higher Learning
- Utilising Experts within the Provincial Administration


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