Curriculum, Materials Development & Quality Assurance

Sub Directorate Curriculum Materials Development
The purpose of the unit is to develop curricula and learning material and provide quality assurance services for the Academy.


Curriculum and Materials Development

There are a number of definitions offered for the term curriculum, and there is often confusion around it. In order to undertake the activities of the sub-directorate, the following definition of curriculum has been adopted (Extracted from the NQF and Curriculum 2005, A SAQA Position paper, 2000).
  • determining the purpose and values of the learning;
  • analyzing the needs and nature of the learners;
  • deciding on the outcomes of the learning objectives;
  • selecting the content, the subject matter that will support achieving the outcomes;
  • deciding on the activities, the methods and media for teaching/training and learning;
  • planning how assessment will be done
  • Planning how the overall effectiveness of the delivery of the curriculum will be evaluated.


From this definition, curriculum includes aspects such as standards setting, learning programme development and delivery and quality assurance of the delivery process. These three processes are linked and related directly to each other; hence the concept of the quality cycle.
Some of the activities undertaken by the unit:
  • Develop new unit standard based learning programmes.
  • Review and update current programmes offered by the Academy (refer to the training Directory).
  • Develop assessment and moderation tools and policy.
  • Implement recognition of prior learning policy and systems.
  • Manage the quality of learning programmes and materials for the Academy.


The training material produced by the unit varies depending on the nature of the programme. For unit standard based programmes the following is produced:
  • Curriculum Framework
  • Learner Workbook
  • Portfolio of Evidence
  • Workplace learning assignment
  • Assessment Strategy and Guide
  • Course programme and outline
  • Facilitator Guide
  • Powerpoint presentation
  • Other relevant material
For outcomes based programmes the following is produced:
  • Learner workbook
  • Facilitator guide
  • Powerpoint presentation
  • Other relevant material
The sub-directorate participates in a number of projects.  Two major projects include the development of the Youth Ambassadors Training Programme as well as the Integrated Community Caregiver Foundation Course. Both of these programmes were 10 day sessions with approximately 3000 youth ambassadors and 11000 Community Caregivers trained.


Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is an integral part of the education, training and development system. Since the Academy is accredited as a delivery and assessment site by the PSETA, there are a number of legislative requirements that must be adhered to.  As such, the Quality assurance function serves to ensure that a quality management system (QMS) is developed and maintained. The purpose is to manage the QMS and the implementation thereof in order to enhance the quality of programmes and services delivered by the Academy. Some of the activities include:
  • Manage the implementation of the QMS in the Academy.
  • Conduct internal quality audits.
  • Manage the improvement of the QMS.
  • Manage and maintain the accreditation of the Academy.
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