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The Council is the meeting point for provincial transformation and development in HRD. No one is excluded from the work of the Council; and, anyone is able to make representation to the deliberations of Council through their representative on the Council or by submitting information and concerns to the Secretariat of the Council.

The success of the Council in enhancing HRD in the province will depend on the willingness of individuals as well as stakeholders to engage, support and debate issues of relevance. The Council is seen as a platform for debate, exchange of ideas and innovation in the field.

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The Provincial HRD Strategy a Strategic Framework For The Council’s Work

The strategic framework which governs the work programme and activities on the Council is the HRD Strategy for the Province. The HRDC will use the content and performance measures on the framework to develop a draft plan and set out its work programme. This, however, does not mean that the activities of the Council will be limited to the content of the Provincial HRD Strategy.

It is anticipated that from time to time stakeholders on the Council will make input which may take priority in order for the plenary to respond to emerging circumstances in the field. In this regard, some aspects of the strategy may have to be adopted, or new activities may have to be added. The figure below sets out graphically, the essential highlights of the HRD Strategy for the province which will be the basis for the work of the Council.


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The Council will outline its work in an annual plan, and in a 3-year strategic plan. Both plans will be presented to a Provincial HRD summit as draft documents for input by the public and by the diverse set of HRD stakeholders in the Province.

Be prepared to engage in this process and be a part of the momentum to transform and enhance HRD in the province.

Please seek to ensure that your ideas are entertained.

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The organizational framework within which the HRD Council functions is presented in the figure above. The HRD Council is one of the four councils which report to the Provincial Planning Commission. The Secretariat of the HRD Council undertakes the operational and administrative activities on behalf of the Council and plans and manages the process of implementation.

The HRD Council for the province is structured along the same lines of the National HRD Council. In this respect, it is a multi-tiered and multi-sectoral advisory body. In addition to the secretariat, the HRD Council of the plenary, the Technical Working Group (TWG) and the Technical Task Team (TTT).

The plenary is constituted by Council chaired by the Premier and the members as set out in Table 1.

The Technical Working Group (TWG) is a committee whose primary function is to advise the Council on matters related to HRD in their specific realm of expertise, and to execute the decisions of the Council.

The Technical Task Team (TTT) is enlisted by the TWG as and when necessary in order to bring additional expertise to the deliberation of the TWG and the plenary.

The KZN HRDC reports to Cabinet and the Cabinet Clusters through the secretary to the Council and the Provincial Planning Commission. Sectoral representatives and other stakeholders report to the plenary through the assigned technical working group.


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